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Industry: Construction

  • Roof Repair - A Cost Segregation Case Study
    A local business purchased a building for an upcoming warehouse operation, and – 15 years later – the business discovered the roof of its building had started to leak. The leak, according to a quote from a roofing company, would cost the company $200,000 to repair. It’s a flat roof and only one section seems to be in need of repair. Otherwise the roof structure is in good shape, according to the roofing company, so the business decides to replace the entire roof’s rubber membrane with a new, waterproof membrane. How should the business treat the expenditure for tax and financial statement purposes?
  • Changes to Bidding Structure Makes Jobs More Profitable
    A Connecticut contractor was losing bids, and losing money on those bids he secured, due to a bidding format that did not adequately account for all costs incurred in running his business. The bidding format used by the contractor took into account the direct costs of each job, such as materials and labor, but often ignored or underreported indirect costs such as insurance, fuel and repairs.
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